NikooPlayer FAQ

What is NikooPlayer?

NikooPlayer is an advanced offline music player with a minimalist and clean design that includes some enhanced features that you can only found on professional sound systems. The purpose is to give you an easy access to all of your offline stuff including songs, playlists, audiobooks and even your downloaded podcasts with full control on playback parameters like speed and pitch without making user interface too complicated.

What makes NikooPlayer different than other music players?

NikooPlayer gives you the right tools for listening the high quality music. A Unique 3D effect feature to position listener in a 3D space and allow listening to the music from different angles. NikooPlayer is the only music player with separate equalizer for each channel. Your ears are different and you can boost each ear differently.

Musicians and audiobook/podcast listeners would love NikooPlayer for its enhanced features. Playing music, audio books and podcasts with NikooPlayer is fun because you can hear the same song or casting with different tonality and create unimaginable sounds by applying real-time changes on pitch, speed and direction of the playback at the same time.

Player also simulates vintage vinyl record players/turntables. You can touch the vinyl and fast forward for your desired location in DJ fashion or switch to Spinner mode and have a real turntable experience.

We are continuously working on new features to make it even better.

What is the difference between paid and free version?

All features are available in free version. The limitation is applied on number of songs in each record and number of records available from podcasts, audiobooks, playlists and so on. The current limitation is one record of each type and five songs in each record.

Why I am geting "E004: The file is no longer available or is protected by DRM" error?

NikooPlayer needs offline access to music content. If you have some music from other sources like "Apple Music", apple may not allow third party applications to have access to the music content. In some other cases the file might be unavailable due to deletion or other problems.