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You're one step away from 3D music player.

The minimalist Music Player that is designed for musicians with simple and classic interface.

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Listen to your music and do a little more

It's time to go back and listen again to your old records

  • Powerful on back end icon

    Powerful on back end

    We are using Apple's native powerful sound engine to play your music and respond to your real-time changes on playback parameters

  • Simple in front icon

    Simple in front

    We want you to start listening to your music as natural as possible: choose album, tap on Play, that's it.

  • Minimalist Design icon

    Minimalist Design

    We want you to do more with less. Physically modeled responsive drum and multifunction next/previous buttons that are also acting as speed controllers are some examples.

Show NikooPlayer first screen to play, select album, and its features
  • Designed for musicians icon

    Designed For Musicians

    We are not yet there, but we are on the path. We will thinking on features that can feed your creativity process.

  • Expandabel by design

    Expandable by design

    We want to keep it simple, but also powerful. We will give you more control plug-ins as we grow.

  • Accessible functions icon

    Accessible Functions

    We are working to be the best APP also for Blind or Visually Impaired people. They deserve the most from technology innovations.

List of music albums in iphone

Access to your music

We don't duplicate what you have already have in your iPhone Music, playbacks and audiobooks.

  • Folder icon

    Easy Access to your existing Albums and Playlists

    You can access to your existing Albums, Playlists and Audiobooks already stored in your device, no need for duplicate. We even add a small piece of artwork for those Albums that don't include cover artwork to make your Album list even more beautiful.

  • Music notes icon

    Easy Access to Now Playing song list

    Pull it down to see now playing song list whenever you need to jump to another song.

Go beyond

Our growing control tabs hidden behind your Album art will open real power of NikooPlayer to you.

  • Touch pad icon

    Real-Time Control Pads

    Our innovative control pads that are hidden behind album art, will give you true control power over playback including pitch, speed, volume, direction, etc.

  • Spinner icon

    Spinner Mode NEW

    Now with new "Spinner Mode" you can convert your iPhone or iPad to a true turntable, go and find your Fidget Spinner, get some chewing gum and put your phone on spinner. Play your favorite song, pause it, wait for NikooPlayer to automatically switch to Spineer mode, that's it, spin your phone. have fun.

  • A pad that change the pitch and volume on iPhone
  • Spinner mode of player

Built with Passion

We want to build something that we also use in daily bases and be proud of.